The Thanhardt-Burger Corporation is located in La Porte, Indiana. We specialize in the manufacturing of hand-made picture frames. The company started in 1927 for the purpose of framing prints and wholesaling them to fine furniture stores and department stores

In 1979, the Newcomb-Macklin Company of Chicago, IL, a maker of historically accurate frames since 1871, was purchased by the company and moved to La Porte. Thanhardt-Burger Corporation became part of the legacy of the oldest continuously run frame-making company in the United States. The Newcomb-Macklin Company specialized in making frames for the American Impressionists

around the turn of the century. Artists worked with them developing styles and finishes that would be appropriate for their paintings.

Today the Thanhardt-Burger Corporation offers hundreds of historically accurate American and European frame styles to frame shops, antique art dealers and galleries. Many of the frames are hand-carved from basswood; some are wood and composition pressed from old boxwood molds. Finishes are available in metal leaf, 12K and 22K gold.

Our sister company, the W.T. Burger Company was founded in 1946 to supply the growing demand for original art. Since then the two companies have cooperated in the common purpose of offering fine original artwork framed in quality hand-made frames to Interior Designers and Galleries.

In August, 2004 we moved our operations from 1105 Washington Street to 720 Boyd Blvd. In October, 2011 we moved our operations from 720 Boyd Blvd to 1308 Lake Street.